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Talking about MySpace


Quote New Cd are out Airzona  this is all my song I wrote 2010 and now I am working 2011 cd so you better buy one of my cds at Tinmanstudio 2425 twp 138 Somerset Ohio 43783 . or go to www.cdbaby.com and tipe Steve Tinto  Keep your eyes open for more to come. the Tinman



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Tinman Studio 2425 Twp. 138 Somerset Ohio 43783 tinmanstudio@live.com 740-605-1876

Come and let us do your music we have a way of making it a real good cd.. This is  a small studio but we have real good sound. we have a real good person doing all my mixing John Kokensparger. He has over 40 years of music and I have all most the same in years. I can play a lot of things and that make’s it a lot of fun adding this or that to a song. I love to wright music and to be able to tell a story in a song. We can make you a demo cd . or we can help you get your songs copyrighted so you have them for life. I am on over 40 cd now and I just did a  cd call Arizona that I wrote all the songs and did a lot on them from singing playing Harp, Guitar , Flute, Keys, Bongo,Horns, Banjo, and a lot more. I teach Guitar and Harp. $25. hr. and we have a lot of ways to do a recording, We can come to you or we can do it here at Tinmanstudio. We would love to see you here. take a look at my web page.  TinmanstudioMusicRecording.web.officelive.com We have all kinds of plans to pay .12 songs on cd + 10 cds with Recording Photos on cd and it is only $600.00 and we will make you all your cd for $5.00 ea and you can sale them for what you want. You will still have all your own copyright to your own songs. Song have to be your own and not some one song they copyrighted . This way the song will be yours and forever ……………Steve Tinto  the Tinman

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Tinmanstudio By Steve Tinto

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Our Prices

We start at $35.00 hr.
Package Deals Available
     Three song demo cd. $400.00
               Six song cd. $600.00
         12 to 14 song cd. $750.00
We also do Mobile Recordings
call for Information 740-605-1876
We  also teach Music here .
$15.00 for 1/2 hr.
$25.00 for  1 hr.
Two for one price
$30.00 for 1 hr.
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Tinmanstudio, is the makeing Steve Tinto and the help of John Kokensparger Do the Mixing. We would like you to come and Record your Music here and see if we can make your dreams come true. We are a small Studio But we have a real BIG sound, that every one loves.  We all so would like to sale you our Music  our Cds start at $10. 00 + $3.00  shiping ,send to Steve Tinto 2425 twp 138 Somerset Ohio 43783.With return address we have Johnny Cashless, Harp sounds from the Tinman cd, and we have a lot more coming soon with the Start up of Tinmanstudio we hope you will come and see us ………… Hope to see you soon ,, The Tinman…   Steve Tinto
Gator on keys

John Kokensparger Doing a real good job with the Sound we get here at Tinmanstudio


Proximity          The Kides new Band………..


Kids love to Jam at Tinmanstudio up stairs


My sister Vickie in Cal.


Southern Backroad

John Kokensparger on the Drums


We are Playing at the Tribute to Bill Kokensparger  This was 4th Thribute we are on number 10 at it will be Music all day 12 hr of music.. Hope to see you all there .

The Tinman



Kevin Fields , Corey Brown, Bill Klinger,

   Tim Harmon 

John Kokensparger on drums.

I am in Hawaii

Bethanie and Debbie be for they got sick……on the boat

 Nice sun set

Me with my Wife ,who been there for me….



Here’s a Hawaiian end……

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